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PHP 2,079,000.00

EX-V Navi

The Executive Suite

Experience unrivaled comfort. Bask in luxurious style. Designed with prestige and perfection the executive truly deserves, the All-New Honda Odyssey sets the bar in automobile sophistication.


Welcome to the new face of Luxury. The New Odyssey has the looks that is worthy of everyone's attention. With a new fascia and distinctive touches. it is a vessel that projects absolute class.


Prestige & Luxury Within. Be surrounded by luxurious features that make your journey more comfortable. more prestigious.


Power and Efficiency for every journey.

The New Odyssey is equipped with technology and systems that allow lower fuel consumption without compromising on performance.

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

Elevate your ride. CVT allows seamless shifting, gives rapid response, and delivers outstanding fuel economy.

Paddle Shifters

Feel the exhilaration as you control the 7-speed paddle shift. Achieve your desired performance at the tip of your fingers.

ECO Assist System

Power does not have to be wasteful. The All-New Odyssey comes equipped with an Econ Mode that lets the driver manipulate throttle, transmission, and air-conditioning settings to improve fuel efficiency. Furthermore, Eco Coaching Lights change from green to white depending on whether the driver is being aggressive or efficient with the throttle pedal.

Idle Stop System

Idle Stop System automatically switches off the engine when the vehicle come to a standstill, and restarts automatically when the brake is released - saving fuel and reducing emissions. For optimum passenger comfort, the All-New Odyssey features a cold-storage evaporator which maintains a comfortable temperature for occupants during auto idling-stop.


The Luxury of Safety. The New Odyssey is designed to be safe at every turn. It has all the right features to keep everyone inside safe and sound.

Odyssey EX

PHP 2,079,000.00

Odyssey EX-V Navi

PHP 2,433,000.00

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