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PHP 1,648,000.00

2.0 S CVT
V Diesel 9AT
S Diesel 9AT
SX Diesel 9AT AWD

The All-New CR-V 7-Seater
Diesel Turbo

The All- New CR-V made history when it pioneered the crossover revolution, and now it is poised to break new ground once again. It’s the seven-seater SUV that can do it all, from a family trip around the city to an adventure out of town. Now a new era begins for the ultimate urban SUV with the introduction of a powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engine. The All-New CR-V is Honda engineering at its finest.

Re-styled and Re-imagined.

This is the face of the future. The All-New CR-V will stand out from the sea of SUVs with its bigger body, extremely sophisticated chassis, athletic stance, innovative features, high ground clearance, and powerful engine.


The All-New CR-V is unlike any that came before it, yet it still retains the spirit of the original. Its groundbreaking exterior style is further enhanced by sharper character lines and an even more defined silhouette.



Two Worlds, One CR-V

The All-New CR-V delivers every drive with power and strength. With its all-new engine and high ground clearance, all terrains will be conquered with ease.

Earth Dreams Technology DOHC
i-DTEC Turbocharged Engine

The sophisticated i-DTEC diesel powerplant is an engineering marvel. Honda managed to dramatically reduce overall engine weight but still have the sturdiness required in an engine. The result combines fuel-efficiency with agile and exhilarating drive. Pistons, crankshafts and connecting rods-core engine parts-are smaller and lighter, reducing frictional resistance between components. This improves fuel-efficiency performance. Engine response to acceleration is also quicker, enhancing driving agility.

The 7-Seater Diesel Turbo CR-V comes in three variants that are powered by the DOHC i-DTEC Turbocharged Engine: SX Diesel 9AT AWD, S Diesel 9AT 2WD and V Diesel 9AT.

SOHC i-VTEC Engine With Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The gas variant (2.0 S CVT) is no less advanced, featuring direct-injection technology and Honda's signature Variable Timing Control. It offers maximum efficiency, but with enthusiasm and punch when the need calls for it. In comparison to current engines, it has improved fuel efficiency and output torque through extensive friction reduction measures.

Internal Accessories

9-Speed Automatic Transmission With Electronic Gear Selector*

More gears mean better efficiency. When combined with the i-DTEC diesel turbocharged engine, the All-New CR-V can go the extended distance. But when the need for aesthetic performance arises, the engine-transmission combo can play.

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Torque Indicator**

Power is delivered to all four wheels when the condition calls for it, giving the All-New CR-V the best available traction for maneuvering through challenging situations. You are always in full control.

Paddle Shifters

Change gears quickly and precisely for an exciting drive - without your hands ever leaving the steering wheel.


Cruise efficiently with the ECON mode, which optimizes throttle output, transmission and air-conditioning for better fuel economy with a touch of a button.

ECO-Coaching Ambient Meter

Track real-time when you are cruising along efficiently, with the green color indicating efficient driving.

*For SX Diesel 9AT AWD & V Diesel 9AT Variants
**For SX Diesel 9AT AWD Variant Only

Honda is committed to finding ways to minimize our impact on the environment, but this doesn’t mean we put less importance in the performance of our engines. There is balance in the All-New CR-V that gives any driver the needed push in power. The design of our Euro-4 certified engines further reduces the percentage of harmful substances and helps achieve cleaner emissions.


Safety that keeps you company. Have the confidence to drive anywhere with a slew of advance safety features from the All-New CR-V.

CR-V 2.0 S CVT

PHP 1,648,000.00

CR-V V Diesel 9AT

PHP 1,671,000.00

CR-V S Diesel 9AT

PHP 1,835,000.00

CR-V SX Diesel 9AT AWD

PHP 2,086,000.00

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